De Platanenweg is a bespoke temporary housing issue in Amsterdam. Creatives and families were evicted by their housing corporation. The flats were planned to be demolished for urban renewal project De Parooldriehoek. Due to crisis it got postponed. Temporary residents could stay until the demolition. Suddenly the corporation changed its plans with a sly construction; transfer the residents to an anti-squad contract; then end it. The corporation now rents out all flats to students at a higher rent. Was one group replaced by the other for more profit?

In this book, the residents are portrayed and show their social commitment to the neighbour hood. The renowned newspaper Het Parool regularly reported on the issue and it was given an exhibition during an event on the Vacant Property Law. The verdict of the law case was that the housing corporation didn’t live up to their social responsibility and lost the lawcase. Unfortunately at that time residents were already evicted.

Book and exhibition Residents Platanenweg