The briefing of this pitch was ‘sharpen up the formula of Deen supermarkets’.

We created the strategy to clear up touchpoints that are left under exposed within the brand identity and Deen’s retail environment. We rebuild the brand journey from there: the logo is cleaned up, we pushed the dark blue colour much more into a prominent brand colour (instead of red). We also introduced the dark blue strongly in the photographic direction. The photographic direction is about fresh & local products.

For retail we visualised the stores in a more qualitative experience and clear routing. Replacing glossy PVC by natural materials, to encode food departments by materialization.

Plans not executed; too revolutionary for the client. All images are for presentation purposes only. Design team: Mark Roos & Kim Seijmonsbergen. Commisioned by strategic branding agency: MR.BRAND

DEEN Supermarkets