Kim Seijmonsbergen is a graphic designer and art director, skilled and experienced in the field of design, with a conceptual mind.

She works for cultural and commercial clients within the complete range of contemporary media. Varying from visual identities, branding, campaigns, book and magazine design – to design for spatial environments like retail, museums, events or pop-up spaces.

Passionate about typography, visual systems, paper qualities and printing techniques, her drive is to offer solutions that are intelligent, well crafted and bespoke – creating a fitting tone of voice in both digital and print.

She assists and inspires clients, contributing to a cohesive message for all communications. As an experienced designer and art director she has the ability to switch between overall thinking and design in detail.

Kim is having a refined eye for materials, tactility and the overarching creative process. She is used to working on solutions within the client’s possibilities.

Kim lived in Cape Town and in Sicily for some time to work on graphic projects in a different culture than she’s used to.

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